The Rules

Last updated 18 June 2022 is a friendly and welcoming community. We welcome everyone to help maintain a constructive space by following the guidelines below.

Treat everyone with respect: Do not insult, abuse, or threaten other users, off-site or on-site.

Be safe: keep personal and contact information private: Do not share sensitive information such as your physical address. We cannot moderate behavior outside of the website. Don't engage in dangerous behavior, and do not encourage others to do so.

Be honest: Do not impersonate others, or intentionally spread disinformation. Parody accounts should be marked as such.

Try not to break the site: If you find any security issues, please stop before causing any damage and report issues to us. Contact information can be found in our security.txt file.

Have fun: I hope you enjoy your time on, please try to keep it a fun and safe place for everyone.

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