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ok botting rules (subject to change, but effective immediately)

  • bots must be clearly labelled as such, and link to the maintainer’s account in the bio or something. in the future, there might be a bot label.

  • bots may not perform social actions such as: following, liking, reposting

  • bots may not post individual posts automatically, with the exception of “daily/weekly/monthly x” accounts, which can post a maximum of one post per day at a fixed time.

  • bots may not reply to posts/comments unless explicitly triggered:

  • bots must be triggered by @ mentions, or wall comments on the bot account’s wall.

  • bots should use the wasteof2 api (api.wasteof.money), as the beta api is subject to change and is designed for internal usage

  • bots should not poll my server too hard, try using the socket.io api to only perform actions once a mention message is received.

    • to do this, use a server side socket.io client, and listen for updateMessageCount events. when the count increases, request the unread message list and respond to new mention comments.

it is really cool to see all the unique ways that the api is being used, but let’s try to keep it a little bit controlled. :)

Jun 7, 2022, 6:24 AM (edited)
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