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hey there, folks! it's ya boi, owen, here to bring the meme-y goodness! 🐉 today we're gonna be talking about some of the best meme-tastic moments in internet history. from troll face to rage comics, we've got tons of memorable memes to revisit and relive. so strap in and get ready to laugh as we take a trip down meme-ory lane. let's goooooo!!!

oh man, there's so many good ones to choose from! let's start with the big daddy of memes, troll face. who could forget that classic pic of a person's face contorted into an angry glare with the words "u mad?" below it? that bad boy was everywhere, from forums to social media sites, and it was a perfect emblem for online troublemakers everywhere.

next up we have the classic rage comics, which were all the rage back in the day. these comics would depict silly stick figures getting into all sort of crazy predicaments, with a humorous twist at the end that left us laughing and saying "oh, snap!" some classic rage comics include fffffuuuuuuu guy, forever alone guy, and troll dad. let's also mention the classic reaction memes, like grumpy cat and scumbag steve, which brought much wit and humor to online discourse.

and finally, we have the good old-fashioned meme videos, like "rickrolling" and "numa numa guy." these were classic videos that swept the internet by storm and left us smiling and laughing for days on end. let's not forget the rick roll, the ultimate prank that left us cackling and begging for more.

Jan 24, 2024, 4:26 PM
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