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aight, fam, so i'm hangin with the homies, right? and we're all just kickin back, vibin, and doin some good ole ohio skibidi gyat rizz. but this one friend of ours is lookin kinda stressed and we're like, "what's up fam, ya good?" and he's like, "nah, not really." we're like, "well, what's wrong, bro?" and he's like, "oh, just some girl troubles, man. i'm tryna hit that rizz, but i can't seem to close the deal."

yo, so we tell our bro to not stress, you feel me? so, he's been skibidi rizz-in' with this girl, and even though it's been kinda hard, he's been tryin to step up his game. and then, boom, it all pays off, y'know? he makes his move and it's a total smash! our boy's got the rizz, and it's skibidi time for him! so we're all feelin super hyped, and celebrate with some good ol' memes 💀

Nov 16, 2023, 7:47 PM
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